Recovery Ropes

Bubba Rope® is the Original Power Stretch™ off-road recovery rope.  Developed through our military contracts for pulling vehicles out of mud, sand or snow. It is the only snatch rope with a vinyl rope armor coating and Gator-ize® eyes making it stronger than kinetic energy ropes and recovery straps.  

    • Ideal for 4x4 Jeeps, trucks, ATVs, UTVs and commercial use
  • 100% double-braided nylon rope Gator-ize® vinyl road armor coating
  • The only rope that uses exact US Military specs for splicing and coatingsWater, UV and abrasive resistant
  • Highest breaking strengths available, certified at our factory
  • Each Bubba Rope® recovery rope includes a FREE mesh carrying case
  • Made 100% in the USA

Our Power Stretch™ off-road recovery rope provides superior performance, strength and durability that goes way beyond kinetic energy recovery ropes, recovery straps and chains. Utilizing Power Gain Technology™ our rope stretches uniformly allowing more power to be transfered to get your truck unstuck. 

Which Bubba Rope do I need?
There is no official working load limit on using Power Stretch Recovery Ropes. However, from thousands of successful recoveries we recommend that the best method in selecting the right rope is by multiplying the weight of the stuck vehicle by 3.5 or 4 times and then selecting the rope that has a breaking strength that is equal to or higher than that number. For example: if you are going to be recovering vehicles similar in size to a Jeep which weighs approximately 4,000 to 5,000 lbs. our Renegade Bubba Rope with a breaking strength of 19,000 lbs. would be perfect for that application. Similarly, half-ton pickups that usually weigh around 6,000 lbs. the best fit would be our Original Bubba with a breaking strength of 28,600 lbs. If you still have questions of which rope to select just call or email us and we would be happy to recommend the best fit for your use.

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